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World's first Open Gaming Metaverse based on "Travel-to-earn"

Asura is a Time Travel and community driven Infinite Gaming metaverse based on the concept of "Travel-to-earn". Now, travel to different Eras using MetaShip and create a world of your own.
The farther you travel, the more you earn

$ASURA is the multi-utility platform currency that can be used to fuel your Metaship, create your own worlds, have stake in the platform and much more.

Collect Asur & Mahasur NFTs

Collect Asur and Mahasur NFTs to time travel and complete the missions. Follow the whitelist process to be eligible for NFT Sale

  • Collect Asur and MahAsur NFTs to get the same worth of $Asur
  • Buy, Stake, Upgrade and Sell. Be the master of your NFTs.
  • Take your NFTs with you in the world of Asura and unlock unique missions.

NFT Utilities

Multiple Benefits:

For every NFT you buy, get tokens worth the same amount of the NFT you paid for.


Users can take their NFTs to different metaverses and use them in those metaverses.

In-Game Utility:

The Asura NFTs could be used as a weapon in the game to power the users to unlock new missions.

Premium Accesses:

Get access to different time zones with MahAsur NFTs and travel to past and future zones in the game.


The Asura NFTs allow users to create their missions and earn every time someone unlocks them.


The NFTs also offer the users to earn Asur tokens by staking their NFTs in-game.


Asura Property builder

Build your empire, mansions, villas, huts, hotels, Restaurants or just any other property using the in-game Asura builder.

Asura Marketplace

Purchase or sell that exclusive luxury table, comfy chair, ancient lamps, or that beautiful scented candle here at Asura Marketplace

Asura Gaming Missions

Other than being an infinite time travel metaverse for users, Asuraverse comes with a play arena for Gamers to play and complete missions to unlock unique stories and earn rewards

Limitless metaverse

Asura is a community driven, limitless metaverse that allows users to design, create and merge their worlds in the existing metaverse


$Asur acts as governance token providing holders options like creating their own missions, designing their own thrill stories, extending their worlds, etc in just some simple clicks


$ASUR tokens are deflationary in-game currency, deflation serves as an value appreciation by ensuring scarcity. They act as solid bedrock for the ecosystem


Our Team


The Father of all Greek Gods

Chief Executive Officer


The Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom, War and Weaving

Chief Technical Officer


A Traveling Musician and Messenger

Chief Marketing Officer


The Roman god of fire

Lead Game Developer


The Egyptian god of Underworld

Lead Metaverse Developer


The Chinese god of Wealth

Chief Finance Officer

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